Feelings- a diary entry

Spilling my feelings, that’s what I wanna do. I’m listening to music, alone in my room. I’m trying not to cry, cause I don’t have a reason to. But why do I want to?

It annoys me so much, the wrong in the world, it’s set on the side, too much for you. But why can’t you then have basic common sense? Is is too much- asking for a normal weekend? Am I asking too much if I wanna spend time with you? Is it too much, as family group, a board game, something mundane, just something we could…

Am I wanting to much if I put family first? Am I being absurd if I want to spend tine with them? Am I crazy if into tears I burst? Is it too much to ask for some time with my relatives, five minutes together, when we actually do, something not just dejavu.

Five minutes with your little cousin, is that too much I ask for? Set aside computers, celphones and VRs, just time togheter, is it really that harmful?


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