I`m a hopeless romantic

Hi guys! Sorry I haven`t posted in forever, but I`ve been very busy. Exams are coming up, and there have been some fights in my family that, for no reason in particular, I didn`t share with you right when they were fresh in my mind. So today I wanted to talk about something I know you would enjoy, because I myself enjoy this topic, and that is Cute Boy.

Don`t know who he is? Check out my last post, where I explain all the background info you need to know.

Later that night, after Cute Boy, Tantrum, Flower and all the other seventeen people in our house left, I was with my mom and she said that England Guy and England Chick will come over to our house again, sometime during my Easter/ Spring break. And she said that Cute Boy might come with them. Obviously, I screamed on the inside.

There was a slim, tiny chance of me and Cute Boy to be actually obligated to hang out, alone. So yeah, I freaked out inside. But then, when I came back to my senses, I realized the actual probability of that happening. This guy came back from another country and he has the chance to spent Easter with his grandparents, who he hasn`t seen in a long time, or with a stranger girl he flirted with this one time. See the problem here?

So now, I`m only left with hope. But where did hope get me before? In the period of time that passed since my last article and this, I assumed I would forget about him, and stop getting mushy feelings. Well, the good news are, I forgot about him for a while. I just avoided thinking about it. But then I listened to an old one direction song, Perfect, and I thought- I might have a chance with him if he comes this Spring break! And the mushy feelings came back in an instant. You know, that feeling of wanting to scream, that void in your stomach, the punch reality gives you when it says you`re delusional. I am delusional, most likely. But I can`t help it. I don`t want to help it. I already know what I want to do and say and wear if he does come, and I don`t care that it`s stupid or that I might not see him again anytime soon. I just want to say what I`m thinking, do what I want, and see what happens.

But let me clarify this for you- my break lasts two weeks. Today is Thursday, the 13th of April. This Sunday it will be Easter, and then the next few day after that, there will be (I have no idea if you actually call it in English) the I-don`t-know-how-many days after Easter. After that, I have two weeks of Spring break, including the 1st of May. Around the end of the month Cute Boy will go back home. So in this two week spam, probably not actually on Easter, sometime after that is most probable, he might come to my house.

Now, I wouldn`t blame him, nor will I be shocked, if he chose to stay home and not come, but I like dreaming about of what could happen. I hate myself for acting so crazy since I usually like to stay with both legs on the ground, but… I don`t even know what. I don`t want to say that I have stupid butterflies in my stomach but… I have freaking stupid butterflies in my stomach.

So yeah, that`s my little rant. Please tell me your thoughts and stay tuned for my next post, by following my blog. Bye guys!


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